Lottery will help feed prickly little customers!

Tue 30 April 2019
Lottery will help feed prickly little customers!

The West Berkshire Lottery is now benefiting 85 local good causes and charities since the launch in February. One of those raising much needed funds through the lottery is Hedgehog Bottom. The small charity hedgehog hospital and rescue is based in Thatcham and takes in hundreds of wild hedgehogs each year, releasing around 92% of them back into the wild.

They take many phone calls asking for advice, support ex-pats in Europe who need backup when there is no veterinary support, do talks for groups in the UK and have taken part in a number of TV programmes, the most notable being the ITV’s “Hedgehog Hotel”.

They work with other rescue centres across the UK and have been closely involved with the creation and support of centres in Europe and New Zealand, sharing best practice whenever possible.

Hedgehog Bottom has now been running for 12 years and is 100% volunteer run with minimal expenditure on anything that's not directly to do with the animals.

The Founder of Hedgehog Bottom, Gill Lucraft said,

“I started Hedgehog Bottom due to one young hedgehog in trouble. It grew, and as it grew it cost more to run. We now take in 700+ sick, injured, and orphaned hedgehogs each year.

The Lottery seemed to be a really good way for people to donate whilst having a chance of getting something back. Our food bills are enormous when you consider the size of the animals and current predicted income from the lottery will help with that no end.”

Find out more about the work that Hedgehog Bottom do by visiting their website When you buy a West Berkshire Lottery ticket 50% of ticket sales go directly to your chosen good cause with a further 10% going to the West Berkshire Community Fund! By your tickets online or call 01635 597111.

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