Swings & Smiles – supporting the community during COVID19

Wed 6 May 2020
Swings & Smiles – supporting the community during COVID19

 ‘As the Covid-19 crisis has changed usual working practices with staff at home, teams now separated and often with limited resources, it’s crucial that we continue to provide support, friendship and play to children with special needs and families through these most difficult times, says Laura Lewis, Charity Director at Swings & Smiles.

 ‘Many families that use Swings & Smiles are already socially isolated and currently being unable to access their regular services, compounds feelings of loneliness and is increasingly damaging to the wellbeing and emotional health of the whole family.’

 ‘Funds that we raise through the West Berkshire Lottery contribute to us being able to run our services, albeit it in a different way. Over the past few weeks we have supported children with special needs, parents and siblings through a range of new delivery methods including online support, telephone calls and the loan of resources and equipment. Having a familiar face being available to chat to a child with autism who doesn’t understand why they can’t come to their favourite place, take part in an online art session with a group of siblings or gather a group of parents together for a virtual quiz night have all helped raise spirits and help people get through some very challenging circumstances.

 ‘The need for our services will continue and we want to be able to continue to provide this. Our opportunity to raise funds have been impacted by COVID-19 and events we would usually rely on to support our activities at Swings & Smile have had to be cancelled. Much needed income from sources like the West Berkshire Lottery are invaluable in times like this and we hope that people can continue to support us in this way.’


Laura Lewis

Charity Director

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